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Board of Directors

Our members are our owners, so we listen to their voices. Each year, La Cap members elect a volunteer board of directors and volunteer committee members from our membership. These volunteers receive no pay for their efforts aside from the pride they feel in helping their fellow members achieve financial well-being.

Board of Directors
Bonita Brown, Chairman
Cindy Rougeou, Vice Chairman
James Thibodeaux, Treasurer
J. Reginald Coco, Jr., Secretary
Rodney Braxton, Director
Beverly Hodges, Director
Don Hutchinson, Director
Christopher Keaton, Director
Jeff LeDuff, Director
Dana Vicknair, Director

Credit Review Committee
Judy London, Chairman
Aaron McGee, Member
Nancy Reed, Member
Karen Rachal, Member
Kim Walker, Member

Supervisory Committee
Pat Landry, Chairman
Bob Harper, Vice Chairman
Mary Ginn, Member
Tara LeBlanc, Member
Ernest LeBlanc Jr., Member