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Blog Articles tagged mortgage

The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

With real estate gaining value and interest rates holding steady, the idea of homeownership is a compelling one. However, first-time home-buyers are often surprised to discover that purchasing property is a detailed process with additional costs that go beyond a home’s “sticker price.”

USDA Rural Development Loan Requirements

The USDA's Rural Development (USDA) Program is designed for those who live in rural areas and want to own a home but may find the path to homeownership a hardship. If you’ve been longing to own a modest home in the country but thought it was beyond your reach, it may not be.

Home Financing: FHA Loans Versus Conventional Loans

The differences between FHA loans and conventional loans, two common types of home mortgages, come down to a number of factors ranging from a buyer’s credit score and down payment to loan caps and property standards.

How Does Home Refinancing Work?

Refinancing your home is kind of like getting a mortgage — with way less stress and complications. When you’re thinking about a refinance, you no longer have to worry about whether or not you can get the home, because you live there.

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