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Blog Articles tagged savings

Teaching Kids Money Lessons

Schools may teach our children how to identify and count money, but they don't provide a robust financial education for kids. That's up to you, and the earlier you give your kids positive experiences earning, spending and managing money, the more their financial skills will develop and mature.

What are Bump Rate Certificates?

When your money makes money, it has earned dividends. There are tons of methods out there to help you to put more away in savings but smart investing will give you more bang for your buck as you strive to meet your savings goals.

Five Savings Tips for the Holiday Season

It is important for you to carefully plan so that you won't overspend during the holidays. Fortunately, there are some smart steps you can take to avoid going into debt during the holidays. Here are five tips to save for the holidays so that you can enjoy a stress-free experience without breaking the bank.

What Does the Interest Rate Hike Mean?

For the first time since 2018, the Federal Reserve has raised the benchmark federal funds rate. The increases have a cascading effect that flows through U.S. government bonds, mortgages and other types of loans. And it can have a big effect on your bottom line.

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