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Blog Articles tagged financial education

Teaching Kids Money Lessons

Schools may teach our children how to identify and count money, but they don't provide a robust financial education for kids. That's up to you, and the earlier you give your kids positive experiences earning, spending and managing money, the more their financial skills will develop and mature.

Don't Let Money Worries Rob You of Sleep

Money worries keep many Americans up at night. A recent survey by NextAdvisor found that 51% of Americans were anxious about their financial situation. The top 3 worries were debt, lack of savings, and not having enough for retirement. 

Stay on Budget Even During Times of Inflation

As we get back to normal after the pandemic, demand for goods and services is up, but supply is down. This has led to a high rate of inflation that we haven’t seen in decades. But there are ways to stay on budget.

Cryptocurrency: Beginner’s Guide to Digital Currency

Cryptocurrency—or crypto — has become a hot commodity these days, periodically stealing headlines as some soar in value or fall in reaction to current events. Financial experts are increasingly viewing it as an alternative to stock market investing — even the new stock market perhaps.

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