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More Convenience. More Security. One Mobile App.

When it comes to debit and credit cards, we're all concerned about convenience and security. The easy-to-use La Capitol FCU Card Manager mobile app gives you more of both. With popular functions and added security features at your fingertips, you can take care of important matters in just seconds, from anywhere at any time. 

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Simply register your card with our La Capitol FCU Card Manager Mobile App and you can:

  • View recent and pending transactions.
  • View account details.
  • Make a payment to your credit cards.
  • Report your card lost or stolen.
  • Set alerts and controls on your La Cap debit card, Cash Back Visa Signature card, Prime Plus Visa, or Rewards Visa.
  • Set travel notifications.    

Download the App

Ready to get started? Download the La Capitol FCU Card Manager app through Apple or Google Play, and you'll be in charge of your cards in no time.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What can the La Cap FCU Card Manager app do?  
    The application protects you by allowing you to turn your cards on or off.  You can restrict transactions and set-up alerts when transactions occur.  The app gives you more control over how your cards are used to help prevent fraud or misuse.   
    Can I put my debit and credit cards in the app? 
    Yes, you can enroll your La Cap Debit, Prime Plus, Rewards and Cash Back credit cards.
    Can I put more than one credit or debit card in the app? 
    Yes, you can enroll your La Cap debit and credit cards in the app.

    How do I add a credit or debit card to the app? 
    When you login for the first time, use the “Enroll” feature to add your initial card. For additional cards, launch the app and scroll to the right until you see the “Add a Card” link.
    What types of transactions show in the app? 
    You will see authorized and declined debit card transactions. Credit card transactions will be reflected as pending and posted.  
    Can I make credit card payments in the app? 
    Yes, you can make credit card payments from your preferred La Cap checking or savings account using the “Make a Payment” option. 
    How many transactions can I view in the app? 
    The app displays debit card transactions within the past 31-days and credit card transactions within the past 90-days.
    Why do I see duplicate authorizations for the same transaction? 
    Merchants may send multiple preauthorizations for the same transaction. Preauthorizations will appear as “Authorized” within the app but do not always post to your account. Please confirm the transaction has “posted” in Online Home Banking before initiating a dispute for the transaction. 

    Can I set travel notifications in the app?
    Yes, you can set travel notifications by selecting the “Travel Notifications” at the bottom of the Transaction screen.  The travel notification can be set to begin the next calendar day.
    What is the difference between an alert and a control and restriction? 
    An alert is a text notification sent to your cell phone when a transaction takes place with a specific card. A control/restriction limits the use of the card based on the preferences or filters you defined.
    What kind of alerts and controls can you set in the app? 
    Alerts (text notifications) and controls (restrictions and filters) can be set-up for some of these reasons:

    • Alert: When the card is used over a pre-set amount.
    • Control: When the card is used by locking and unlocking at your discretion based on settings. 

    What would cause a location-based alert? 
    Location based alerts are triggered for transactions that are made at retailers outside the set areas selected within the app. If you make a purchase at a retailer whose home office address is different than the physical location of the business, a location based alert may be triggered.  
    Who helps with troubleshooting?  
    If assistance is needed with the app, use the “Contact Us” link within the app or on the initial login page. A representative will gladly assist.
    Does a lock/restriction block reoccurring payments?  
    In most cases, reoccurring payments will continue until you contact the merchant and cancel the reoccurring payment. Any issues should be directed to the merchant.
    Will the credit card alerts/controls previously set-up on the Card Lock app still work?  
    No, if you previously set-up alerts/controls in Card Lock, you will need to set-up new alerts/controls in the La Cap Card Manager app.  

    How fast does it work?  
    Within moments after you hit “Submit,” the locks, controls, and alerts are activated.  
    How do I access alerts/controls? 
    You can access alerts and controls by going to the menu on the app or using the “Notification Settings” within the card details.

    How do I add a nickname or remove a card?
    Select Card Settings which appears on the top right corner of the card image and update information. 

    How do I enable biometric log-in for the app?
    You must have bio-metric authentication enabled on your device.  You can turn the bio-metric indicator on and off from the profile screen within the app.  You can access the screen by tapping on the photo area above the welcome greeting.