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Equifax Data Breach Information

Improving the financial well-being of our members is our primary concern. The Equifax breach may have exposed more than 143 million Americans' personal information.

What You Can Do
  1. Click here for complete and up-to-date information on the Equifax data breach.
  2. Click here to check with Equifax to find out if you’ve been impacted.
  3. Check your credit reports for free each year at
  4. Monitor all of your accounts regularly for any suspicious activity, not just your checking account. You can easily monitor your transactions through online banking and our mobile app.
  5. Contact La Capitol immediately, 800-522-2748, if you suspect that any of your accounts have been compromised in any way.
  6. Update passwords and usernames often by using a combination of letters (lower & upper case letters), numbers, and special characters.

What to Expect from La Cap
  • When you call our Personal Assistance Line or visit our branch, we routinely ask you for information to confirm your identity. You may notice that the questions we ask you going forward to confirm your identity may be different as we work to block access by criminals that may now have your personal information.
  • We will NEVER contact you to ask for your username, password, or other online banking credentials.
  • We will NEVER contact you to ask for your credit or debit card number, PIN, or 3-digit security code.
  • All of your transactions are monitored 24/7, and you will be notified of any suspicious activity for verification.

You can contact our Personal Assistance Line at 800-522-2748, chat with us online, or visit a branch if you would like additional information on protection yourself from fraud or identity theft.

Place a Security Freeze on Credit Reports
A security freeze protects against identity theft and the opening of fraudulent accounts with a consumer’s personal information. It will block an institution or lender from accessing a report, unless a pre-set PIN is provided to “thaw” the report; a credit report may be thawed at a particular bureau for a period of time or for a specific lender. Consumers must contact each of the bureaus listed below to place a security freeze.

Note: Each of the credit bureaus will give or allow you to create a PIN to be used to thaw or unfreeze your report in the future. It is very important you do not lose or forget this PIN! It is recommended to store it in multiple locations with other important documents, including a safe deposit box or home lockbox, or in a password-protected format electronically.

Go to each of the following sites to place a security freeze and follow the instructions; record and protect the PIN:
Some states charge fees to place a freeze, thaw or unfreeze a credit report; see the sites above for specific state details.