Holiday Loans


We've Got Great Holiday Rates!

The holidays are headed this way, and expenses come along for the ride. Presents for friends, trips to visit family — whatever you need this holiday season, we’ve got great holiday loan rates to help you get there with our Signature Loans, Visa, Home Loans, and Auto Loans. It’s fast and easy to apply online. 

Signature Loans

We’ve got a fast and easy solution for your holiday needs; a signature loan with a low rate.

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Our credit cards have great features and the best rates around. Apply now and you’ll be using your card for all of your holiday needs!

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Home Loans

We strive to provide great service and offer the best rates possible to make sure you are as happy with your lending choice as you are with your new home.

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Auto Loans

At La Capitol, we'll always give you the best auto loan rate you qualify for — not the highest rate you'll accept. That means if you find your dream car and give us a monthly budget, we’ll find a rate that gets you there.

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We make loans to qualified, creditworthy members.