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Holiday Fraud Prevention Shopping List

Bad actors want to fill their stockings with your cash. A national credit union group offers ways to keep your accounts and identity safe as the Christmas shopping season ends. Get your holiday fraud prevention checklist – and check it twice!

National Association of Federally-insured Credit Unions warns that transaction fraud continues to be a top risk for financial institutions across the country. In a recent podcast message, the NAFCU discussed transaction risks and the fraud that you might experience.

Members and credit unions should be aware of the increase in phishing during the holiday, the increase in the text messages going out, and then the phone call. They want your card number, account number, and some personal information to authenticate you as they move forward.

Phishing is a technique used to get sensitive information, such as bank account numbers, through a fraudulent email or website. The cybercriminal masquerades as a legitimate business or reputable person to gather information from you.

The most common examples of phishing schemes include:

  • The fake invoice scam
  • Email account upgrade scam
  • Advance-fee scam
  • Google Docs scam
  • PayPal Scam
  • Message from HR scam
  • Dropbox scam
  • The council tax scam

The NAFCU also warns that cybercriminals do not discriminate any more. They don’t just target the elderly and all members should be on the lookout for shopping scams. These bad actors are attacking anyone and everyone that will give them information.

La Cap wants to both educate and protect members. Visit our Fraud Center to learn more and signed up for text alerts and credit card features.

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