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Secured Loan

Instead of taking money out of your savings or certificate account (which impacts your dividends), consider a secured loan.

  • Lower interest rate available
  • Keep earning dividends
  • Flexible payment options

You pledge an amount from your account equal to the amount you want to borrow. Pledged dollars remain in your account and continue to earn dividends while securing your loan. You can even tailor your payment amount to fit into your budget.

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Share Secured of Certificate Secured Loan Savings Account Loan Effective Date: 08/18/2023
Choice of repayment terms, not to exceed 10 years3.10%1

1The Annual Percentage Rate will be 3% above the offered rate on the deposit type account being pledged to secure the loan. Should the balance of more than one deposit type account be used to secure the loan, the APR will be the higher dividend rate, plus 3%.

2Rate subject to change if the rate on the deposit type account being pledged changes.

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