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Online Bill Pay

Pay Your Bills Online

La Capitol's Bill Pay feature can ease the hassle of juggling bills, late fees, and trips to the post office. Bill Pay is built into our Online Access and lets you to manage your bills from any device with Internet access.

  • Bill Pay FAQ

    eBills in Bill Pay
    For each payee that is eligible to accept an eBill, there is a link that will need to be clicked under the payee name. A username and password will be required. Terms of agreement will also need to be accepted.

    Bill Pay Process/Due Date
    Funds for bills paid electronically will be deducted up to four days prior to the due dates (depending on weekends and holidays). Bills for vendors who do not accept electronic payments and are paid by check will be deducted up to seven days prior to the due date (depending on weekends and holidays). The deduction occurs on the processing date. When you choose a date on the calendar you are choosing the date the payment needs to arrive and the process date shown beneath it will be the day the money is deducted from your account.

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