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Card Manager

More Convenience. More Security. One Mobile App.

When it comes to debit and credit cards, we're all concerned about convenience and security. The easy-to-use La Capitol FCU Card Manager mobile app gives you more of both. With popular functions and added security features at your fingertips, you can take care of important matters in just seconds, from anywhere at any time.

Simply register your card with our La Capitol FCU Card Manager mobile app and you can:

  • Lock/unlock your card.
  • View recent and pending transactions.
  • View account details.
  • Make a payment to your credit cards.
  • Report your card lost or stolen.
  • Set alerts and controls on your La Cap debit card, Cash Back Visa Signature card, Prime Plus Visa, or Rewards Visa.
  • Set travel notifications.

Download the App

Ready to get started? Download the La Capitol FCU Card Manager app through Apple or Google Play, and you'll be in charge of your cards in no time.

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