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Mortgage Center

We have the tools and products for buying, refinancing, and using home equity


A mortgage from La Cap can help you buy that dream home at a reasonable rate. 

Our options include: 

  • Conventional | FHA | VA | Rural Development | Non-conforming | Double-Wide Mobile Home with Land
  • Land/Lot Up to 100% LTV | Non-warrantable condo |  Fixed Second Mortgages

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Home Refinance

If you’ve already found the home of your dreams but want to save money, look into our refinancing options. 

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Ready to tap into the equity you’ve built in your home? A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) may be right for you. 

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NMLS # 411413

*HELOC interest rates are variable, based on an index plus a margin and may vary after the account is open. The index is PRIME as published in the Wall Street Journal. When a range of rates has been published the highest rate will be used. We will use the most recent index value available to use as of 30 days before the date of any annual percentage adjustment. The annual percentage rate can change on the first day of each month. There is no limit on the amount by which the annual percentage rate can change during any one year period. The APR range is 8.75% to 14.50%. The rate is subject to adjust monthly. The margin will be based on your credit score, debt ratio, and loan to value – see lender for additional details. There is an annual fee in the amount of $60 which is waived the 1st year. The minimum loan amount is $10,000 with a required initial draw of $1,000. Twenty-four draws (6 per quarter) are allowed annually, with a 5 year draw period and a 10 year payback equaling a 15 year term. Monthly payments are 1.50% of the principal balance during the draw period and amortized to payoff in 10 years when the 5 year draw period is over. Property insurance with La Cap listed as lien holder is required, as is flood insurance if applicable. Loan to value allowed up to 80%. Higher loan to value will be determined on an exception basis. Closing cost will be $0.00 to $900. Closing cost does not include full appraisal fee if appraisal is required. La Cap will pay the closing costs; however, these costs will be charged back to the borrower(s) if the HELOC is closed within twenty-four (24) months of origination. Other restrictions may apply.

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