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Remote Deposit

No need to go to a branch or ATM to deposit your check — just use your phone or tablet! Visit your favorite app store and download the La Cap App to get started. (Available for Apple and Android.) It’s quick and easy.

How to use Remote Deposit on your phone or tablet

On your phone or tablet, tap the menu button in the top left corner of the screen, and select Transactions. Select Deposit Check to begin the deposit process.

Tap the To Account box and choose the account you want to receive the deposit. Then, touch Amount to enter the amount of the check and touch Save.

You are now ready to image the front and back of your check. Touch the Capture Image button. Place your check on a flat surface, and line it up with the brackets on the screen. Then, press the button on the screen that says Capture Front.

Follow the same steps to capture the back of the check. Be sure to endorse the check and print "For La Cap mobile deposit" under your signature before you capture the image. If an image has an issue, you can use the Retake buttons to retake the image of the front or the back. When you are satisfied, click Submit Deposit.

You will now receive a message that your deposit has been accepted. If you receive another message, follow the on-screen instructions to correct the error.

Download the La Cap App

Ready to get started? Download our mobile banking app through Apple or Google Play.


For access to Remote Deposit service a separate agreement must be agreed to and certain criteria must be met. Must be an open account, enrolled in Online and Mobile banking and have a current email address and residential address. Accounts are not eligible for remote deposit if they have been negative for 14 consecutive days in the last 90 days, there are any restrictions on any account, any loan is no more than 15 days delinquent, must not have a charged off account or loan, account is not an Opportunity checking or Limited savings. Deposits are limited to ten (10) items for deposit and up to $60,000 in one (1) business day whichever comes first. The dollar amount you are allowed to deposit is dependent on how long your account has been opened and your average daily balance in the last 31 days. You agree to endorse items for deposit “For Mobile Deposit only at La Cap FCU” and if endorsement is missing you further agree the credit union may reject the item for deposit.

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