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Save More, Earn More

What if increasing your earning power were as simple as setting up your direct deposit? Well, wonder no more! Each of our personal savings accounts shares dividends with members, and between low opening balances and accounts customizable to your goals, we’ve got something sure to suit your needs. 

Elite Saver

Take your earning potential to the next level. Available exclusively to members with a Choice or Liquid Assets Checking account, our Elite Saver offers a higher annual percentage yield with a low opening balance. Ideal for long-term saving.*

  • 0.20% Annual Percentage Yield*

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Regular Savings

Straight-up savings. Simple as that. This is the primary savings account every member of La Capitol gets upon joining. Regular Share goes hand in hand with many of the services you’ll enjoy as a member—including a share that gives you a voice in La Cap’s future!

  • 0.10% Annual Percentage Yield

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Special Savings

Planning a vacation? Earmarking income tax payments? Set aside funds for fun or long-term responsibilities with a Special Savings account, the account that empowers you to save with purpose.

  • 0.10% Annual Percentage Yield

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Youth Savings

We believe it is important to teach children to save, so we’ll help them with a $25 opening deposit* and bonuses along the way when they open a Youth Savings account. When it comes to your kids, it’s never too early to start saving for the future. Even depositing a few dollars a month will help your child learn how easy saving can be and teach them good financial habits for life.

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Club Savings

Our Club Savings accounts help you save for those summer vacations and holiday expenses. Save throughout the year and your funds will automatically move to your Regular Savings account when it’s time.

  • Christmas Club - 0.10% Annual Percentage Yield
  • Vacation Club - 0.10% Annual Percentage Yield

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Coverdell Education

With a Coverdell ESA, you can begin to save for a child's education. 

  • 0.25% Annual Percentage Yield

Learn More

Investment Goal Calculator

What will it take to reach your investment goal? Use this investment goal calculator to determine how much your investment might grow before taxes, after taxes and after taxes and inflation. It will also provide suggestions on what to change if your plan doesn't look like it will meet your investment goal.


*Compounded Monthly

Waiting for appropriate values...

Monthly deposit required:

[[ formattedMonthlyDepositAmount ]]

To make that monthly deposit, you should set aside:

[[ formattedDailyDepositAmount ]]/day
or [[ formattedWeeklyDepositAmount ]]/week

Savings schedule for [[ formatCurrency(savingsGoal) ]] over [[ savingsTermYears ]] years:

Deposit Date Deposit Amount Interest Total Interest Balance
[[ ]] [[ formattedMonthlyDepositAmount ]] [[ deposit.interest ]] [[ deposit.totalInterest ]] [[ deposit.balance ]]


La Cap Savings (Share) Accounts are variable rate accounts. La Cap may change the dividend rate for your account as determined by the credit union Board of Directors. Dividends earned are posted and compounded monthly. Each day your account balance exceeds $100.00, you earn dividends on the entire balance. Applicable fees and conditions could reduce the earnings on your account.

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