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Take 10 Key Steps When Preparing Home for Sale

Spring is prime time for sprucing up your personal space. Sometimes, that means cleaning and making changes to your home for your own pleasure. Sometimes, that means renovating or updating a house you want to sell. Fortunately, many spring projects can do double duty as cost-effective home renovations that can make a house sell quickly — likely for a higher price.

Whether selling seems like a distant possibility or an upcoming goal, you won’t regret smart, cost-effective home renovations that increase your home’s value and catch a buyer’s attention. Just consider these factors that would make you want to buy a home:

  1. Clean and Paint Your Exteriors

A neat, clean exterior suggests an equally well-maintained interior. Exterior cladding is a focal point, but don’t forget your other exterior surfaces like foundations, window trimmings, decks and driveways. By giving everything a good wash and paint (if needed), you can rid your home of dulling mold, algae, dirt and stains that might hurt its chances at selling.

  1. Landscape the Property

Flowering shrubs, shade trees, grassy lawns and beds of flowers give a home curb appeal. Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, don’t forget the value of hardscaping—retaining walls, firepits, pergolas, patios, paved pathways, fences, or barbeque or cooking areas, for example. Be sure to prioritize any drainage issues, and clear the property of unsightly debris or junk.

  1. Renovate the Roof

A new roof or a young, well-maintained one with a transferable warranty is a major selling point. Whatever the roof’s age, inspect your shingles, soffit and fascia, vents, and other joints or openings for rot, pest or storm damage.

  1. Make Doors Secure and Welcoming

Your exterior entryway is a visitor’s first experience with your home. It should not only look good but also be secure against the elements and any potential intruders. Investment in a prehung replacement door, a replacement door slab, storm doors, fully functional hardware, or even just some fresh paint and added molding can make a big statement.

  1. Give Windows Your Attention

Windows that sparkle inside and out are a must, but so are fully functional windows that protect your home’s interior spaces from heat, moisture, wind and cold. If your windows are old and have lost their integrity or if casement areas have deteriorated, it may be time to consider replacing windows with new inserts or full-frame upgrades.

  1. Service Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Avoid air-conditioning breakdowns by having your systems serviced for summer and making any needed repairs or updates. Discovering deferred maintenance issues on significant systems during a potential buyer’s home inspection can end up tanking an otherwise rosy deal.

  1. Add or Update a Bathroom

Especially if you’re planning on remaining in your home awhile, adding a bathroom or powder room can make your life much more convenient. Plus, when you do decide to sell, that extra bath or half bath may be just what puts your home on a potential buyer’s radar. For updates, highly desirable features are garden tubs, modern tiled showers and dual sinks.

  1. Update the Kitchen, or Take It Outside

With the popularity of open floor plans and outdoor living, kitchens are more visible, serving as natural gathering places. Focal points for potential home buyers include features like new appliances, countertops and backsplashes, pantries and ample cabinet storage, under-cabinet lighting, adjacent laundry rooms and even outdoor kitchens.

  1. Freshen Up Your Flooring

Potential buyers want to be able to move in immediately upon closing. While walls and trim can be repainted over time, floors present immediate challenges because of furniture placement. Replace, repair or refinish cracked, torn or broken flooring like hardwood, ceramic, porcelain or vinyl plank. Likewise, have carpets professionally cleaned, and replace worn carpeting. Also, remember that problematic flooring areas may signal underlying structural issues like leaks or settling.

  1. Overhaul Lighting and Fixtures

Outdated lighting, faucets, wall plates and hardware can make a home look older than it is. While these are cosmetic issues, they can cause buyers to overlook an otherwise great house simply because they don’t show well. During an effective home showing, all lights are turned on, placing attention on the fixtures. In kitchens and bathrooms, potential buyers test faucets too. Make sure all of your fixtures shine with style.


Ready to Renovate?

Clean, attractive homes with modern conveniences are not only nicer to live in but also sell more easily, too. If you’re ready to spruce up your home’s value this spring, La Capitol Federal Credit Union makes it easy. If you have a small renovation, you can make it easy with a Personal Loan. If you've got a large renovation, you may want to consider a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Reach out to our loan specialists at La Cap, and tell us about the cost-effective home renovations you’d like to make!

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