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What Do the USPS Changes Mean for Your Finances?

The U.S. Postal Service’s plan to reduce costs went into effect on Oct. 1, and your mail — including your bills, account statements, and other financial notifications — may be impacted.

The changes are expected to affect long-range deliveries most, especially those flown to their destination, but other mail may be delayed by a day or two. USPS has warned that it could take up to five days for any first-class mail to be delivered.

What does this mean for you and your finances?

Items that La Cap sends to you by mail – such as account statements, replacement debit and credit cards, bills, and other notifications – may take longer to be delivered. It may also cause anything you send to La Cap to be delayed, such as loan or credit card payments sent by paper check.

It’s important to note that the USPS says 61 percent of First-Class Mail will be unaffected by the new service standard changes. USPS also says First-Class Mail traveling within a local area will continue to be two days. Still, when it comes to your finances, you should be aware of any possible delays.

What can you do?

The best way to avoid any trouble with the new USPS changes is to take advantage of Online Banking and Bill Pay. La Cap members have free access to their accounts through online banking at and mobile banking with the La Cap app. Members can view statements, pay bills, transfer money, verify transactions, and more without the need for a stamp.

Those who still want to bank with paper checks and statements should plan to avoid any issues with the new changes.

  • Watch the calendar: Know when your account statements have arrived in your mailbox in the past so you’ll be ready if and when they arrive later.
  • Send your loan and bill payments earlier: Stay aware of your due dates and put checks in the mail at least five business days before they hit.
  • Have flexibility with your wallet: If your debit or credit card gets lost or stolen, it may take an extra day or two to get you a new one. Keep some cash on hand, so you have another way to pay for needed items while you wait for your card to come in.
    If you need your replacement card immediately, visit your nearest La Cap branch and we will issue you a new card.

Online and Mobile Banking at La Cap

Staying connected to your cash is simple with La Cap’s online and mobile banking options. Using any device with internet access, you can reach your account at any time, giving you extensive control of financial information and activity.

Enroll in online banking and download the La Cap app to keep your financials at your fingertips.


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