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La Capitol Credit Card Personas: Which One Are You?

Imagine a credit card that does exactly what your finances need it to do. Its perks and features? Perfectly in line with your spending needs and financial goals. That’s how La Capitol created these two lines of signature VISA credit cards.

Each card is designed to solve a distinct type of financial problem and cater to a specific spending style — all for a more rewarding credit experience. Learn more about each line of credit and decide where your loyalties lie.

Prime Plus Visa: The Smooth Spender

Smooth Spenders are determined to succeed even though life doesn’t always cooperate. When air-conditioners go on the fritz or the car needs new tires, they don’t sweat it, and they don’t give up. Instead, they use their La Cap Prime Plus Visa card to finance the crisis and carry on.

How can they be so cool and collected? Because they know that their card has the lowest possible APR, and they also know that their payments will go toward knocking down principal quickly—before the next crisis happens.

If disaster does strike, Smooth Spenders can take that in stride because they know La Cap has their back. Prime Plus has no over-the-limit fee—just a competitively low interest rate. And, while they’re paying down their balance, Smooth Spenders have the security of knowing that no annual fee will pop up to steal a chunk of their payment.

Many Smooth Spenders discovered La Cap because they were already struggling with a bad credit card. These typical bank credit cards had high interest rates and fees for every minor convenience. Too little of their payments intended to lower their debt ever made it past interest. For them, the Prime Plus Visa’s balance transfer feature with zero interest for 12 months and no transfer fees was the key to zeroing out the money they owed.

Now, these Smooth Spenders continue to use their low-interest card—sometimes for necessities, sometimes for luxuries — and always know that La Cap’s fair terms mean they’ll be able to sail from one statement to the next with no worries.

Rewards Visa: The Point Prospector

Point Prospectors have a lot at stake, so they’re selective about where they place their financial faith. They know exactly what they want to accomplish, how much time they have and how much they’re willing to pay along the way. With work, friends, family, travel and more, they want one card that they can use everywhere — one card that will let them track every dollar they spend. Moreover, they want to be able to use it for whatever is needed when it’s needed, without worrying about over-the-limit fees.

However, even with that flexibility, Point Prospectors will point out that their use of a single card equates to loyalty, and that loyalty has value. For that reason, Point Prospectors keep meticulous track of the rewards points they earn with each dollar they spend. In fact, the only thing they like better than collecting points are the perks they enjoy when they cash them in.

Point Prospectors are unique in that they’re not especially concerned with their card’s interest rate. They certainly don’t want a high APR, but they’re equally unlikely to have one. After all, at the end of each month, they take personal pride in being able to pay off their expenses — and reap all the rewards. With one neat transaction, they typically clean the slate to prepare for the next cycle of activity.

Pick Your La Cap Credit Card Persona

Whether you’re a Smooth Spender looking for a low-interest credit card with no fees—like our Prime Plus Visa—or a Point Prospector waiting for a credit card that will reward monthly pay-offs—like our Rewards Visa—La Cap offers benefits unique to credit union membership for both:

  • Both cards offer zero interest for 12 months on balance transfers and no transfer fees on transactions completed within your first 90 days.
  • Both cards offer 1.99-percent interest for 12 months on purchases made within your first 90 days.
  • Neither card has an annual fee.
  • Neither card charges over-the-limit fees.

Ready to take advantage of seriously rewarding credit? Stop by your nearest La Capitol location, or visit us online to open your account today.

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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Our Prime Plus Visa has the lowest rate of any credit card we offer. The introductory APR on purchases is 1.99% for twelve months for purchases made in the first 90 days after account opening. The introductory APR on balance transfers is 0.00% for twelve months for balance transfers made in the first 90 days after account opening. Purchases and balance transfers made after the introductory rate periods will be charged at the non-introductory rate. The introductory rate does not apply to cash advances. The introductory rate will end twelve months from account opening. Your rate for purchases, balance transfers and unpaid balances after the introductory period will be adjusted to the non-introductory rates, based on your creditworthiness. Existing La Capitol credit card balances or loan accounts are excluded from this 0.00% balance transfer offer. Membership eligibility required. Visit for full membership eligibility requirements. This offer is subject to change.

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