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Avoid Elder Financial Exploitation

Individuals over the age of 50 control 70% of the country’s wealth, and seniors between the ages of 65 and 74, with an average net worth of $1.06 million, have more assets than any other age group. Dementia, disability, and decline can make it even easier for criminals. 

Share Certificate 101: What to Know about Saving Options

With so many financial products available, choosing which type of account to open can be stressful. For members looking for earnings on their savings, one of the options is share certificates that allows you to earn higher dividends by agreeing to leave money in a credit union for a specified time. 

Budget-Friendly Summer Activities

Summertime is here. School is on break, and sunlight hours lengthen into the evening. Now is the time to think about things to do with your family—young children, teens, mature adults or even senior folks—in that short hiatus.

What is Needed for the Modern Retirement?

Retirement planning today looks different than it has in the past, and it will probably continue to evolve. The time to start planning for your retirement is while you’re in the early stages of your career. We’re here to get you started with some retirement basics.

Supply Chain Disruptions Affecting Housing Market

Supply chain disruptions have been stressing every aspect of the housing market for several years now. Understanding what is causing the supply chain disruptions, however, is key in knowing how to navigate the challenges they present.

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