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Lessons to Learn in Making Charitable Donations

We all want to make our world a better place, and charities give us a way of doing that. Often, that means giving money—the fuel that powers every charity’s mission. Here’s how to make sure your charitable donations will count and do the most good.

Five Key Points to Note About 2021 Housing Market

Surprisingly, 2020’s residential real estate sales exceeded those in 2019. Moreover, many experts expect the trend to continue throughout 2021 and into 2022. To understand the 2021 housing market, you need to understand five factors that are driving the residential housing market.

Take 10 Key Steps When Preparing Home for Sale

Whether selling seems like a distant possibility or an upcoming goal, you won’t regret smart, cost-effective home renovations that increase your home’s value and catch a buyer’s attention. Just consider these factors that would make you want to buy a home.

Tax Season 2021: Your Questions Answered

In Louisiana, unemployment benefits are taxable at both the federal and state levels. You must claim unemployment income, and you are responsible for paying the taxes for it. Explore other issues that may arise during the 2021 tax season.

Five Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

We all wish we had a 850 credit score. After all, a higher credit score makes many of life’s challenges a little bit easier — and a lot cheaper. Mortgage terms and interest rates become more favorable. Lines of credit are more readily accessible, and credit cards offer more benefits. 

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