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Spring Clean Finances to Reach Money Goals

April is Financial Literacy Month, a chance to raise public awareness of the importance of understanding your finances and making smart money choices. That makes it a great time to start spring cleaning your finances so you can remove unnecessary expenses and save more money.

Eight Simple Ways to Maximize Savings

Saving is often a matter of finding a few dollars here, a few there—and holding onto them. Just like spending a few dollars here and there, it all eventually adds up. So, it pays to find ways to maximize your savings and learn how to save money any time you can. 

Five Financial Misconceptions With Big Price Tags

La Cap is celebrating Financial Literacy Month throughout April by highlighting some ways our members can help improve their financial well-being through easy-to-follow tips and habits. All La Cap members have free access to financial education through KOFE at

Juice Jacking: The Dangers of Public USB Charging Stations

Experts warn that powering up your electronic device at free USB port charging stations – such as those found in airports, hotels, malls and other high traffic locations – could have unfortunate consequences. You could become a victim of "juice jacking," a new cyber-theft tactic.

Ponder Pros, Cons of Renting and Homeownership

Interest rates on home loans are low. Rents are relatively high. You may be debating whether this is the time to go from renting someone else’s property to owning your own. We’re here to walk you through a few talking points outlining the pros and cons of renting versus owning.

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