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Woman holding a dollar in two hands
March 11, 2021

Financial Lessons in Making Charitable Donations

We all want to make our world a better place, and charities give us a way of doing that. Unfortunately, there are plenty of dishonest operations out there to make anyone second guess their decision to donate. Here’s how to make sure your charitable donations will count and do the most good.

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Housing market 2021 blog photo of aerial neighborhood view
February 24, 2021

5 Key Things to Know About the 2021 Housing Market

Many experts expect big housing trends to continue throughout 2021 and into 2022. So what does that mean for you? To understand the 2021 housing market and your potential place within it, you need to understand these five major factors.

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how to prepare a house for sale blog photo
February 09, 2021

10 Important Steps to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Whether selling seems like a distant possibility or an upcoming goal, you won’t regret smart, cost-effective home renovations that increase your home’s value and catch a buyer’s attention. Check out these 10 factors that can help you sell your home.

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tax season planning blog photo
January 20, 2021

Tax Season 2021: Your Questions Answered

The arrival of a new year means tax season is here again. While we all still have to pay our taxes, there may well be more questions about how to do that than ever before thanks to 2020. 

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financial education for kids blog photo of kid holding coins
December 10, 2020

6 Important Money Lessons Your Kids Should Know

Schools may teach our children how to identify and count money, but they don't provide a robust financial education for kids. That's up to you. Discover how giving your kids positive experiences that focus on earning, spending and managing money can boost their financial skills for the future.

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